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Your privacy is important to us. We want you to feel comfortable using Paknic and our registrar services. At the time of sign-up or later, we gather some certain type of information about our customers and we want to let you know your privacy rights. Paknic and our registrar employees are required to familiarize themselves with this privacy policy as a condition of their employment, and any employee violating the policy is subject to disciplinary action.

What kind of Information Does Paknic and our registrar collect?

When our customers sign-up for a Paknic and our registrar or our partners account, we need contact information (administrative, technical, billing), such as company name, contact person's name, address, email, and phone/fax number, as well as payment information, such as your credit card number, etc. During the time of sign-up, our systems record information about your session, such as the date and time of use, and the specific Internet address assigned to you including IP Address. Paknic and our registrar also tracks requests you make for information on our website for our products and services, and responses you provide to Paknic and our registrar surveys. Finally, Paknic and our registrar keeps records of your payment history and communications you have with Paknic and our registrar's support team. Except in extraordinary circumstances (when we receive a court order, to protect the company's rights or property, or in emergencies where someone's safety is at risk), Paknic and our registrar do not keep track of what sites you visit when you are using the services.

What do you do with this Information?

Paknic and our registrar uses the information it gathers in order to provide you with the best on-line services. As you might expect, contact information is used to contact you concerning your account and our company. Payment information is used to validate your identity and to bill you for the services and products you order. Information on your on-line sessions is used to allocate system resources and to ensure compliance with Paknic and our registrar's Terms and Conditions of Use. Information on your communications with Paknic and our registrar's support team is used to address the issues raised by our customers. In addition, Paknic and our registrar regularly sends out mailings regarding the operation of its service and other goods and services that it believes may be of interest to our customers. You may request that Paknic and our registrar should not send you any such offers or mailings in future. Just write us and we will respect your privacy. Paknic and our registrar reserves the right, however, to send bulletins and other important information regarding our products and services at its discretion.

Do Paknic and our registrar share subscribers' information with Third Parties?

No. Paknic and our registrar do not share or disclose any information regarding its subscribers except (i) when we receive legal process such as a court order; (ii) when reasonably necessary to protect the company's rights or property; or (iii) in emergencies where someone's safety is at risk.

You should be aware, however, that any information that you disclose in a public space such as a chat room, bulletin board, or personal Web site, Network Solutions domain registration is freely available to anyone else visiting that space. Paknic and our registrar cannot safeguard any personally identifiable information you disclose in these locations, nor can it ensure that information you voluntarily supplied to third parties remains private. Please review the privacy policies of third party sites frequently to ensure that your privacy preferences are respected.

How can I correct or update my information with Paknic and our registrar?

You may do so by logging into your account on-line. You also may correct that information as appropriate by writing us an email. Please keep in mind that under Paknic and our registrar's Terms and Conditions of Use, subscribers are required to provide us with your valid, current and up-to-date contact and billing information. If any changes happen, please let us know asap but with 30 days. Paknic and our registrar may ask any kind of documentary proof issued by a reliable source esp. when changes are desired in your billing information or contact information.

What happens to all these information after I close my account with Paknic and our registrar?

After you close your account with Paknic and our registrar, we normally delete your personal information after twelve months of the date of closing the account unless we are under any kind of legal obligation to retain it. We preserve account information for this short period of time in the event you wish to reactivate your account and retain your previous e-mail address. However, in the event of any account irregularities, Paknic and our registrar reserves the right to retain your contact and billing information as necessary to resolve the matter for as long as necessary.

Changes to This Policy and Questions About Privacy:

Paknic and our registrar reserves the right to make any changes to this policy at any time without prior informing to our customers. It is our customers duty to check our privacy policy at this website whenever they think it is necessary for any changes or amendments. Any amendments made here will automatically become effective immediately. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding? our privacy policy, please feel free to contact us via e-mail.

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